Monday 14 March 2016

Another Day, Another Fail

I decided what to do with the old curtains.  The lining really was beyond saving, but the curtain stuff was okay.   As the heading tape was a wreck I cut that off, and I also cut off the lining  I found the odd hole in the edge of the fabric, but it's okay in the main.  I planned to either sell on eBay as reclaimed fabric or to donate to charity as reclaimed fabric.  I bunged the pieces in the washer one at a time and they came out in a much better state.

Today is sunny and the sun is finally high enough to reach the garden so I hung the pieces on the washing line.  It was a fail.  I have had issues before with there being a smell on clothes hung out, but I hoped that they would be fine now that the old fence had gone.  It was awful.  They came out of the washer lovely and fresh, I hung them up and there was this SMELL.  I could cry.  I'll have to wash them again and dry them inside.  They smell like unwashed tramps.  I don't understand it.  Clothes that are dried inside on hangers are fine, clothes that are on the airer are fine, clothes from the tumble dryer are fine, but clothes that are hung on the line sometimes smell so foul that they make me retch - and I am quite robust.  Sometimes I fall lucky and you get the lovely, line dried scent, but so often I end up with the extra costs of washing.  It is desperately depressing.

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  1. So sorry you have to rewash the fabric. I, too, no longer hang my washing outside to dry. I dry everything indoors on clothes hangers and an airer. (My tumble dryer isn't working well - it doesn't heat up - so I don't use it.)