Sunday 13 March 2016

Curtains from Duvet Covers

New curtains are up, clear of the radiators, on new rings that are plastic with built in eyelets and on steel curtain hooks.  I'm just worried that bear may say, 'Challenge Accepted'.

I like the pattern, I think it's a nice change from the standard curtains.  The site I bought them from (internet, of course) had a picture like this.

Duvet covers are the perfect length for my windows.  I didn't hem them, I didn't sew them double, I just stitched heading tape on the top and DH hung them up.  I could have used glue.  I know that they won't be to everyone's taste, but I'm happy, and more importantly, so are bear and DH.  It came to less than £20, although double thickness is not the same as lined.  I may take them down, glue fleece inside and then rehand them when it comes to winter.  Or do that with different duvet covers.  Or I may do nothing at all - it depends on how life is going six months from now.

To protect the curtains we have switched the piano and the desk so that bear isn't sitting next to the window.  The desk hadn't been moved since 1996 and before that there had been a different desk of similar dimensions.  There is a hole in the carpet where a wheeled chair has been for twenty years (we have not had a new carpet in that time).  There was a lot of dust.  However all is sorted and I am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

I am wondering about the old curtains.  They cost a lot more, and were quite well made, but the heading tape is trashed, the way I took it up means that the bottom is trashed, and the fabric is dusty.   I don't think a charity shop would accept them, and they would make rubbish dusters, even if I didn't have an enormous stash.  I am trying to think of an acceptable way to avoid adding them to landfill.  If I haven't thought of anything by Friday they are going to the tip.  


  1. Well done Sybil, they look great!

  2. Your new curtains look lovely! I like the design, and how convenient that you didn't have to hem them, etc. Very clever of you to make them from duvet covers. Hopefully, they will stay up without any problems.

  3. Lovely curtains, they look great, what a clever idea. Regarding the old curtains - most charity shops will take clothes, curtains etc that are not of a saleable quality & sell them on for rags. Just let the shop know that you are donating rags. Just a thought to keep them from landfill. Vee x