Wednesday 2 March 2016

Not Productive

You know those lovely spring mornings, all crisp and shiny where the early morning sun is gold and the sky is the blue of heaven and the birds' singing is a song of praise of a glorious day.  We didn't have one of those this morning.  It was wet, windy, cold and it started to snow.  As bear was dressing up for World Book Day it meant that he went to school with a soggy cloak.

I also spent 90 minutes on the phone to various parts of hospital admin.  I live in Leeds.  Leeds has two main general hospitals, St James and the Leeds General Infirmary.  Both cover several acres.  Not only that but there are lots of other ones dotted around the city that unsuspecting patients can be sent to.  That's why they have a central admissions department, the one that lost bear's referral for trigger thumb.  Now I'm supposed to be referred for a possible rodent ulcer and darn it, the referral has been lost again.  It took me some time to find the right hospital and then the right department before speaking to someone who confirmed that the referral was lost forever but at least I could get it re-sent.  Fortunately the staff at my GP's surgery are utterly awesome and willingly faxed off a copy of a referral letter which the consultant's secretary has confessed to receiving.  I'm not sure that I'll actually see that particular consultant, but it's a start and next week I can have another go at getting a referral.  The GP wrote to them on 8 February.  It took bear six months to get seen.  I hope I don't have to wait so long.

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  1. Oh, those disappearing referral forms! I've had my fair share of them! Hope the process goes smoothly for you and you get seen in the near future.