Sunday 6 March 2016

Back to Normal

Uncle has had a fall in the care home.  I am bewildered as uncle much prefers to call people to do stuff for him so what he was doing falling instead of sitting and shouting is a mystery.  He got checked out at A&E and is okay.

I worry that, unconsciously, staff at homes don't check on people so much if they don't have many visitors.  My health is now in a state where I can finally visit him.  I am going to find it incredibly tough.  Just the phone calls I used to take before he went into care could wreck me for a day.

I have to visit.  He was a real rock when I was little and things were complicated.  I'm going to find it hard.  It will only take about an hour out of my day, but I am so disorganised that I will miss that hour.  I will also find it mentally incredibly tough, though that is no reason to avoid visits either.

I feel incredibly guilty that I wish I didn't have to do it.   Deep down I am glad that I still have the chance to visit my uncle.  I just know it's going to be another long slog.  I need to remember what the alternative is.


  1. Visiting in care homes is incredibly difficult and I don't think you are the only one to feel like this. You are perhaps the braver for admitting it, though. Take care of yourself and just do as much as you are able. Sending hugs xxx