Wednesday 30 March 2016

Bear is Very, Very, Very Happy

We are getting an Xbox.  Bear is ecstatic.  He is so giddy that the thought of having an operation on his thumb on Monday has been desperately overshadowed.

So I have ordered the Xbox (thank goodness for Clubcard vouchers, not doubled or anything, but enough to make a significant dent in the very reasonable price), and a reconditioned tv with a guarantee (eBay is my friend), and discussed games with bear.  It has to be age appropriate or else!

I am worried about the operation, of course I am.  I am desperately hoping that bear takes after his father and wakes up wonderfully refreshed after a marvellous sleep (anaesthetics make me very ill).  I am very grateful that recovery time is likely to be over the Easter holidays, so bear should be fully recovered by the time he is due back in school.  It would be his right hand, of course, and bear is right handed, but he can still listen in class.

And needing a thumb that works for the Xbox is a wonderful incentive for bear to recover quickly.

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  1. So sorry to hear that Bear requires an operation on his hand! Hope the surgery goes well and he recovers without any problems. I'm sure he will enjoy his Xbox once he's able to play it. And (((HUGS))) to you.