Thursday 10 March 2016

Fail Continues

Feeling better today but bear is off as it is a training day, and uncle is quite horrible to bear when he visits, so no visit.

I've been doing the spray thing in the bathroom.  I am really not sure about it.  The smell of the surgical spirit is vile and not covered with the lemon oil.   I am considering just using vinegar.

Bear had an awesome report at the Parents' Evening.  His problem is that he doesn't like being asked to show his working out.  He just 'knows' it and that isn't helpful to the teacher trying to make sure he understands the steps he has taken to get there.  My sympathy is with the teacher.


  1. that's just no acceptable that your uncle should be nasty to Bear - you're doing the right thing by not visiting.

  2. It's not a fail - you are just waiting an extra day or two to make sure you are completely well and not contagious when you go to visit your uncle.

    As for the bathroom spray, maybe adjust the quantities? Maybe lessen the amount of surgical spirits and increase the lemon oil?

    Congratulations to Bear on the good report. Showing the steps when one intuitively knows the answer is tedious and boring. Bear sounds like he is academically gifted, at least when it comes to maths. He's probably gifted in other areas, such as language, too. I don't know if your school system tests children who show signs of being academically advanced. Over here, students are eligible for testing in Grade 2, at the recommendation of their teachers and principal. If found to be academically "gifted and talented" (that's the official term), they are assigned to a higher academic curriculum, known as Gifted and Talented Education (GATE). Gifted children thrive on a challenging academic curriculum; the regular curriculum leave them feeling unchallenged and bored. Talk to the teacher and see if there is a similar program there.