Friday 25 March 2016

Bear has New Trainers

Can you see the state of the trainer at the top?  Bear had worn it for a full hour.  One hour, and the brand new in box trainers look seriously second hand.  You can also tell which one is his dominant foot.

Today is a quiet day.  I am being careful with my leg - Bless, thank you for thinking of me but it is nothing compared to your experience.  Bear has requested that he stay in his pyjamas.  I am letting him.

I am also going to start constructing an order as bear is insistent that the parsnip soup we had for lunch has to be repeated as soon as possible.  

Parsnip soup, which I've probably put before - soften a chopped onion in two tbs of butter (I used a large slosh of oil), add a crushed garlic clove and two or three large parsnips that have been peeled and chopped and two tsps of curry powder.  When the spices have settled and the edge has been taken off the parsnips, add a pint and a half of stock and simmer for fifteen minutes.  Blend, add 100ml of double cream off the heat.  Warm through and serve.  Bear and DH were very, very happy.

1 comment:

  1. Those shoes sure got a good workout in the hour he wore them!

    It doesn't matter whose experience is worse. Pain is pain and your experience of it is no less real and painful than mine. I hope you are experiencing less pain with each day.

    The parsnip soup sounds good. I don't think we use parsnips all that much here. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten any, myself! Should buy some and try them, one of these days.