Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Hardup Hester recommended that I keep a copy of bear's timetable up in the kitchen, which I shall certainly do.  I shall also put reminders on my phone.  Then it hit me, I'll be changing the alarms on my phone.

Since bear first went into reception I have had a series of alarms on my phone going off through the morning amble.  Bear is always up before me so I don't have an alarm to get him up.  I have an alarm to get me up (I'm not a morning person), then an alarm which is ostensibly for bear to take his vitamins but in reality is for me to check that all letters, bits of uniform, homework, ukuleles, random boxes, etc are in place and good to go.  The penultimate alarm goes off for bear to make sure he's washed, teeth done and in his uniform.  This is late so that he can't spill cereal down his clean school sweater.  Then there's the final alarm for us (now just him) to get out of the door.  I have another one that goes off fifteen minutes before school ends.  It used to be a signal for me to pull myself together and go and get bear.  Now it is making sure that the door is unlocked and everything is good for bear to come home.  There have been a few tweaks over the years, but it has been mainly unchanged since bear first went to school in Reception class, seven years ago.  It feels quite a jolt, that it's going to change.  And that's not even until July.  Heaven help me, I'll be a wreck!

By the way, I recommend the series of alarms on a phone to anyone getting young kids ready for school.  I never really had to wake bear up, but it was invaluable for us as we (mainly me) dithered around in the morning and we always knew what stage we were at. 

I'm looking forward to working out the timings.  I've downloaded an app to practice my theory test, and I've been having a good go.  So far I'm doing okay.  I'm not passing, but I'm not far off.  I've put the official guide to the theory test in the bathroom so I can dip in every time I visit.  I am very determined. 


  1. I was in my 40s when I learnt to drive, I opted for an automatic car, I think otherwise I'd still be learning, like you I had a deadline to get the test passed by.

    1. My Great Aunt passed her test at the age of 57. She was a typical little old lady, born in 1906 and sitting upright and prim behind the wheel. She drove like a bat out of hell and terrorised the local country roads. I'm taking her as a challenge. Also, I will remember the tip about the automatic LM x