Sunday, 27 January 2019

50ml of Milk

Darn it to heck!  One of the ingredients bear is taking in for this dratted food tech is 50ml (@ 2fl oz) of milk. 

DH asked, very sensibly, why we just didn't get a carton of milk and he could drink or pour the rest away (except neat milk makes bear throw up).  This is the best idea, and bear is taking in small jars of garlic and garam masala rather than a small pinch of each in a bag.  However today is also the day of double games, so bear is carrying in football boots, shin pads, shorts, jogging bottoms, two types of top and the school's special socks.  I'm trying to keep the load light.  Adding another half kilo with potential to spill everywhere in quantity is not top of my list.  I put the milk in a small bag, inside a small glass jar that used to hold Morrison's Italian Herb seasoning, inside another bag, and hopefully that will limit any damage. 

The egg is in a small plastic box which has been well padded with kitchen roll.  The small box is in the bigger box along with the cheese, flour, garlic, tomato paste, margarine, coriander, red onion, milk etc and it is a snug fit.  Hopefully it won't get too bashed around.  I am going to call the office and ask that they consider getting a 'class jug of milk' for situations like this.  There is just so much potential for things to go wrong.  Mind you, I suppose it's a learning experience - the trouble is, it's me who's learning how to pack 50ml of dratted milk.


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