Tuesday 8 January 2019

So Much for Today

I am TIRED!!!  It's ridiculous, because I'm only at home, but things keep going in and out of focus I'm so tired.  Also, out of alcohol (Hester - alcohol had nothing to do with the actual knitting of the hat but is a major suspect in the purchase of the yarn lol!)

Sarah - I admire the Norman's energy and organisational skills.  They got all over the place, including Sicily, and caused utter havoc.  I can't recall the full details, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have a large contingent in early crusades.  I can't imagine they made good neighbours.

Hugs to all who commented. 

I knew that big oven + anything and washer + dryer + iron cause all the plugs in the basement kitchen and dining room to go off, but now I know that washer + dryer + kettle also trips the fuse. 

I am on my knees.  Everything needs clearing or sorting or cleaning or washing or ironing or something and I feel like I'm drowning in stuff but I have to get it clear soon, no matter how big my pity party because we need to get that re-wire done soon.  I feel overwhelmed.  I will get over it, but I'm taking this evening to have a moment before working out what to do. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be awesome. 

Writing Stuff - the more writing stuff I do, the more I manage to do in real life, so watch this space as anything could happen.  I'm looking forward to Stacy Overby's guest post on my writing blog later in the month (image below).  She's the author of an exciting sci fi thriller and I feel quite giddy hosting for her. 

I've also written a book review, 'Smoke and Summons' by Charlie N Holmberg.  It's a fantasy novel, beautifully crafted and a little darker than the Paper Magician Series that made me a fan of Ms Holmberg's work. 

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully with a little more optimism.  Hugs to all.


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