Thursday, 10 January 2019

Nothing Much Happened

I had a driving lesson today.  It was quiet and steady and I just did it.  There were no shocks or complications.  I had another go at the awkward junction and managed fine, practised the parallel park and three point turn, and just drove.  It was lovely.

Bear got points for his homework, which was a relief.  I also managed to pick him up without issue for the first time after climbing (there's this rock climbing thing...).  School is really hotting up for bear with clubs for drama and maths as well as the rock climbing.  I'm making the weekends as quiet as possible.

Mind you, this weekend involves getting bear new shoes.  He had the whole Christmas break to tell me that there was an issue but waited until the morning he went back to school.

Writing stuff - I dipped into flash fiction again here.  I'm getting back into the game.

I took this picture and it is a fake ruin overlooking a man made lake in Roundhay Park. I was surprised it came out so well

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