Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Thing I Shouldn't Do

I shouldn't go shopping in a real shop.  I should absolutely stick to shopping online every time.  This morning I called into Aldi.  Some cheap cola for me, some snacks for the men of the house, gluten free cornflakes - they were all fine.  The shirt for bear and pyjamas for DH were much more of an impulse and, while nice, were not needed.

Then we went along to the Food Warehouse that has just opened.  I had a £5 coupon off.  It would have probably saved something if I hadn't bought an electric spiraliser.  I don't even want to think about how much it cost.

I should stick to shopping online.


  1. Oh dear! I always do badly at online shopping too. My Amazon shopping cart always has things in it (usually when I get a bright idea to do/make something) and sometimes - more often than I should - I press that button and buy them. Sigh. I should probably just not shop at all.

  2. It could have been worse; you could have paid full price for it. Think of all the fun you and Bear will have using the spiraliser.