Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Bear Finished the Race!

Bear finished!  I am so proud of him.  It was a mile race, which I think is a long way for nine year olds, and he finished.  He was 38 out of 40, and I said he was awesome for doing his best.

As for my plans, as usual, they didn't last more than a day.  I didn't make it to the greengrocer or the dry cleaner.  Instead I went back to the sewing machine and sewed the covers for the back sofa cushions and the heading tape on three curtains (well, duvet covers that are now curtains).  I need to glue/stitch some fleece inside the pair of Doctor Who curtains so we can hang them this weekend to keep bear's bedroom warm.

Then I watched bear race and tonight, well, I think I'll take it as it comes.


  1. Good for Bear! Hope he's worn out for the night now!

    That's the problem with making plans - sometimes they seem to fall by the wayside. A
    t least you go the sofa cushions finished!

  2. Good luck with the next sewing project and well done Bear.

  3. Well done BEar, and well done you!

  4. Congrats Mr. Bear! A mile? Wow! That's fantastic!

  5. Congratulations, Bear! I could never run a mile, so I think it's awesome that he was able to finish the race!

    And look at you sewing cushion covers AND curtains! :)