Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wonderfully Quiet

I don't think we've had the heating on all day - long may that continue!  Bear doesn't feel the cold and I put a sweater on.  I also lit some candles in the living room this evening, but that was it.

I have failed on an epic level to get bear anywhere near doing the homework set for the holidays (a few paragraphs!) and any piano practice.  However he has spent most of the day sprawled out on the sofa, 83% leg, reading the 'Heroes of Olympus' book 3 by Rick Riordan.  They are chunky books and he has just enjoyed them.  I'll take that as a win, especially as I didn't ask him to spend time reading.

I've not got much done myself but we had a lovely dinner with home made soup.  I had one of those casserole veg packs from Tesco and with three rashers of bacon and some gluten free stock powder it became a very pleasant soup.  I am definitely going to be doing more soups this year.  We all like them.  If I add something like a crumble or apple cake afterwards, or even a magic cake or milk pudding of some sort, it's not a bad meal nutritionally.

I do need to get more organised.  DH is feeling low and full of cold which will almost certainly come out over the weekend so I need to get the house nice and cosy for him.  We're looking forward to picking up some stuff on Saturday then settling down and just enjoying the calm.  We'll have candles on, perhaps a film or we'll just all be in the study, on our separate computers or reading and taking it steady.  I'll make sure we're stocked up with cuddle food and I'm aiming to get the back of uncle's slipover finished.  I also really need to get the jacket sewn up now it's finished.

I am very much enjoying the calm.

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  1. I actually turned my heat on today. It got really cold last night. I left a note for hubby and he tried it out this morning. It was the first time having it on so we wanted to make sure it worked. I haven't had it on too high but it was only 5c, windy and rainy and brrrr....

    I made some broccoli cheese soup yesterday. It was really nice. I'm hoping to make more soups this year too.