Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday slips by

It's been an okay day.  I surpassed myself - I ended up getting a Tesco delivery and then going to a Tesco store straight afterwards.  I'd bought a vacuum online for 'click and collect' as I wasn't sure when I would be in.  I'd ordered it when uncle was in hospital.  He is now safe in the care home.  DH very kindly gave me a lift to the store and I walked in, picked up the vacuum plus one pack of bacon that I had forgotten to put on the delivery and nothing else!  It's the only way.  If I don't focus then I would spend a fortune.  Shopping online can save me serious money.  I can look at the total and then remove anything unnecessary.

On the other hand, I bought the wrong vacuum.  I had a choice of two in the shopping basket and I deleted the wrong one.  As I said, it was when uncle was in hospital.  The very nice man on the helpline said it was okay to return it.  This means that next Saturday we will be once again going to Tesco, probably after having a delivery from Tesco.

The rest of the day I spent hanging out with DH and watching Sleepy Hollow.  It's sort of okay if you don't mind someone making a theological dog's breakfast of the Bible, a plot with more holes than a string vest and the sense that they had found a cheap forest to film in and some smoke machines on clearance.  There were some very good lines, some interesting history and an occasional inaccuracy.

We had cheese soup for dinner tonight and bear checked in the pan to see if there was any leftover (there wasn't).  I need to do more soups.

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  1. Mmm, cheese soup sounds good! I am looking forward to cooler autumn nights when a bowl of soup would be nice.