Saturday, 1 October 2016

Excuse the Typo's

I can't wear my glasses at the moment, as they keep sliding onto where there are sore places.  It isn't too much of a problem with the blog, I've just increased the screen resolution, but in other places it makes it more hit and miss.  

This makes me even more smug - I've started on the ruffle for the jacket.  I'm on around 700 stitches.  I'm not counting exactly how many.  I picked up the correct 302 stitches and then made an executive decision that I wasn't going to count the stitches as I increased.  It would be great if I could get it right, but if I was out by one or two it wouldn't matter, it's a ruffle that doesn't need to be attached ot anything.  So I'm increasing every fifth stitch as the pattern states, starting at different points as I go in.  And I joined the shoulders and picked up without my glasses!!!  I feel so relieved I've started.  I expect it will take me most of tomorrow to do the final 10 rows and I'll wait until I can wear glasses before I put it together properly, but I am quite proud.  

For those who want a corrected copy of Digging up the Past please go to Smashwords here and use Coupon Code LJ27J at checkout.  You should then get a free copy.  The coupon is only valid until 14 October 2016.  And in another smug moment I'll add the picture for the cover again by Melissa Alvarez because I can't quite believe I have such amazing pictures associated with my stuff.  

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  1. Looks like you are managing very well without your glasses! A LOT better than I would! Hope your nose heals soon so that wearing your glasses will be more comfortable, again.