Saturday, 15 October 2016

It's On the Label

In my cupboard there is a spray bottle containing some green liquid and labelled 'weedkiller, poison'.  It's sort of true.

I was dipping into Astar's Place YouTube channel and found this.  She mixed white vinegar and lemon juice and used it as weedkiller.  I found this intriguing.  I am nervous around 'proper' weedkillers.

As I was looking at the video, another one came up in the list at the side, and I had a look.  It was a video from Revolutionary Gardens comparing home made weedkillers to Roundup in a scientific way, link here.  It was quite interesting and it showed that actually Roundup probably was the best but white vinegar wasn't too bad.  So I got one of the stash of spray bottles (they were on offer from Approved Food and I bought a load) and filled it with white vinegar mixed with a serious dollop of washing up liquid (dish soap).  On Thursday I went out and had a spray.  It's rained a lot since then, but the weeds are definitely looking battered.  Even the dandelions are looking sorry for themselves, and they are robust.  I had another spray just now as it was looking clear.  It has, of course, started to rain, but I'm hopeful.

I think the vinegar squirting, if it works, will have a lot of advantages.  I am pretty confident that the vinegar will do no permanent harm to the garden, which is a state anyway (washing up liquid has strict rules about how quickly it has to break down).  It is relatively inexpensive, especially if I can get five litres for under £3.  Also, while it smells a little peculiar in the garden, it will keep the local cats away.

I've labelled the bottle 'weedkiller, poison' to make sure it's not squirted around.  A blast in the face would be unpleasant.  Besides, while it isn't the same as cyanide, drinking a glass of vinegar and washing up liquid probably wouldn't be very good for you.


  1. Vinegar has really come back into its own over the last couple years. I've always use it for everything just like my Mom and GrandMothers. One thing lots of people don't realize is that as strong a scent as vinegar leaves no scent behind in just minutes. I clean the whole kitchen with it from floors to fridge. And yes!, you may have to spray the weeds with vinegar a few more times than Roundup, but at least the vinegar won't kill you. ;)

  2. I'd be interested to see how it works out. We have weeds growing through our stone-covered driveway where a cut of grass was removed. I spent ages picking them all out before I left for England - hubby didn't keep up on it and looks just as bad as before I left. He tried weedkiller but more just seem to keep popping up and it can get expensive!