Monday, 10 October 2016

Feels like Autumn

Thank you for all the supportive comments for bear (and in general, I love hearing from you).  We are incredibly proud of him - of course! - and your encouragement means a lot.  Bear has spent the weekend conserving his energy (watching YouTube) and keeping up his protein intake (scarfing down mini sausages).  He is fretting and talking about training in his lunch hour (running around the field).  I keep looking at him and wondering where this growing lad came from.  Suddenly I blinked and now he's definitely not a baby, and looking more and more grown up by the day.  I've had to get bigger socks for him.

It feels like autumn here.  A lot of leaves haven't changed yet, but it's in the air.  I picked some lavender today and there were no bees as it was too cold.  We had the heating on again last night.  I'm also feeling the urge to nest.  I start pulling out blankets and I feel an unaccustomed urge to get the house clean.  Last night I downloaded a load of free kindle books on housekeeping.  I don't expect much from them, and one was from the 1920s, but it's something.

On the back of actually getting out last Thursday, I've set out my week.

Today - I want to try and get my laundry under control and chase up bear's tutor who he hasn't seen since July and the electrician that should have sorted things out in June.

Tuesday - I need to wait in for a parcel, so I am going to face my fear and do it anyway - I'm getting the sewing machine out.  I need to sort out linings for curtains, covers for cushions and to do something to cover the torn sofa cushions.  I expect to achieve at least 10% of this.  Bear has football training.

Wednesday - I plan to investigate the small greengrocer that is around half an hour's walk each way.  It will be great to get into that.  I get get healthy food while taking healthy exercise.  I will have to walk very briskly past the 'antique'/junk shop that's on the way, but that's okay.  It is the day of the Cross Country and Parent's Evening.

Thursday - Roundhay Park and church

Friday - a visit to uncle and Round Two with the sewing machine.

I picked some lavender for a friend's little girl, just a few sprigs held together with a loom band.  Next year I'm going to re-plant the lavender as it's getting very leggy, but I'll be getting the same sort of bushy, rampant lavender that has filled up the border.

It's lovely stuff.

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  1. Your lavender looks so lovely! I had one little plant that struggled valiantly against the drought but it eventually gave up and I pulled it out!

    I like your plans for the week. I read a quote by Eleanore Roosevelt, today, which said, "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan".