Monday, 31 October 2016

Good News

I had an appointment with the consultant today and I've been discharged.  It was a basal cell carcinoma, or a very non scary form of cancer.  They've completely removed it, there is a 2% chance of it recurring and there is no more treatment necessary.

I did some pootling around the shops.  I felt too underdressed and scruffy for the new John Lewis store, but I picked up some stuff for a project in the far less expensive The Works.  I'll share if I ever finish it.  Bear had his first afternoon football game with the new football boots this evening.  He had taken his kit in a carrier bag as he utterly rejected the sports bag I dug out as too big.  I'd been reluctant to buy him a new kit bag, but I can't bear the thought of him carrying his stuff into school in a plastic bag so I am going to have to work out what bear will tolerate, what I am prepared to spend and see what I can come up with.  I didn't see a decent bag anywhere in Leeds.  I'll try and make time ot go on the market later in the week.

On the way out I was passed by some moterbikes.  They were very loud, very smelly and a nuisance but they weren't too bad in the centre of Leeds.  They were wearing helmets and they looked relatively okay - more like Heck's Angels.  Unfortunately it looks like they got worse later and the police were involved.  It looks quite dramatic on the BBC.  I don't like to copy the pictures because of copyright, but there were definitely a lot of bikes.  I saw at least fifty or sixy revving through Leeds and leaving smoke behind them (they obeyed the red lights there).


  1. I am so very glad to hear that the doctor said everything was OK and you don't need any further treatment! That's wonderful news!

    Hope you solve Bear's sports bag situation to the satisfaction of you both!

    I'm glad the motorcycles weren't too much of a bother when you were there. These things can get out of hand so easily.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

  2. Great news about your appointment! That must be such a relief. Hope Bear's football game went well.

  3. I'm so glad you have go the all clear, I remember my grandmother having the same thing on her cheek but there was no effective treatment in those days.