Monday, 17 October 2016

And That Was That

Today should have been a chance to attend a writer's circle.  I sit uneasily between professional (I have books on Amazon) and amateur (they're self published).  It had taken all my courage to sign up.  I have had some tough experiences.  However I thought it was important to do something for me as I gave up the chance of the sewing course when father became so ill.

I rang the hospital.  They said he was just sleeping and that they couldn't tell me anything unless I came in person.  Due to various constraints, mainly the care of bear, I could only visit at the same time the writer's circle was on.

As I stood at the bus stop I honestly didn't know which stop I would get off at.  If I got off in one place I would get to the writer's circle.  If I got off in another I would visit uncle.  If I visited uncle then it was extremely likely that he would sleep through the visit and not remember I had been there.  Last night I was told he was just sleeping and refusing food and drink.  It didn't sound like much change.  But do I really deserve to indulge what is a 'want' when my relative is in hospital?

It didn't matter.  The bus I needed to get to make the timings of either the circle or my uncle was cancelled.  A lot of the local buses have been cancelled over the last few weeks.  There is a service where you text the number of the bus stop to the area transport authority and it tells you which buses are due.  It brought up the buses for the next few hours and three were cancelled.  It's making life interesting.

I'm going to look into alternate buses.  There is a bus almost direct from the nearest bus stop to the hospital where my uncle is, but if that isn't running then I am going to have to work out different ways of getting there.  It's possible.  It just needs a little planning and I hope that my uncle will be discharged shortly.

Edited to add - the one day that I really want to get into Leeds to attend the lunchtime communion service is Thursday.  I may not be able to take part in communion (gluten issues) but it means a lot to me.  This Thursday the roads that take the buses that I would normally get will be closed.  The following Thursday I am unlikely to be able to make it as it is half term and bear is not keen on church.  I'm beginning to feel a little grumpy at the buses.


  1. Sorry to hear that the buses are cancelled and you can't get to where you want to go. :(