Friday, 28 October 2016


People have very kindly left comments and I accidentally deleted them.  I'm really sorry.  I love getting comments, thank you for leaving them.  Hester mentioned that I would need to buy bear a 'box' soon.  DH can definitely deal with the fitting of that!  Sharon sympathised with finding boots the right size - I hope your boys enjoyed it.  Bless made a very useful suggestion about making sure bear was wearing the socks before he tried on the boots and also was sympathetic about the homework struggle.  I felt hugged as I brace for the homework wars.  Thank you for leaving comments.

It's normal here anyway.  We went to York with DH's cousin and had an amazing time.  It was just great to wander around and see some of the old buildings.  We were stuck for time so really didn't see all we wanted, but we did manage to get to the Lakeland shop.

Lakeland is awesome.  It is the most amazing firm.  It has the best customer service ever and has lovely, sensible, knowledgeable staff.  It also has the best kitchen gadgets and gizmos.  I love it.  Cousin had never encountered Lakeland so while she had an amazing time seeing it all, asking questions and deciding what she was going to get, bear was icing cupcakes.  It was great - there was someone there who helped him copy a pumpkin or a pig and he rolled and squished and piped and had loads of fun - and they didn't charge!  Of course that did give cousin more time to shop, but still.

Braced for a quick dash into town tomorrow to exchange the boots and then hopefully a quiet weekend.

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  1. Glad you had a fun day. Don't worry about deleting comments by accident. I've done it, too!