Tuesday, 12 September 2017

YouTube is Tempting Me

At my age (and I'm an old biddy) I ought to know better.  I need to avoid setting myself up with new projects.  But I keep dipping into YouTube and I see these amazing ideas and I'm desperate to try them.

I found this - a self binding blanket.  It's one of those things where you watch and marvel as what looks like it can never work effortlessly falls into place.  I always wonder what genius thought of it.  If I get my sewing machine out it would only take me a few minutes to sew.  It may take me over half an hour to set the machine up and work out where I'd hidden the thread but the actual sewing wouldn't take long.  I could use the same principle to make the napkins I want.  I don't want fancy napkins.  I want something to mop up and wipe.

I am putting in the notebook marked 'List'.  If I fancy a project, I'm putting in the List and then moving on.  I know that in September I can move mountains.  You can just point at the mountain and tell me where you want it.  When it comes to February I can barely move a paperclip.  I need to use the energy I have now to its best effect.  I think I need to finish up a few projects.


  1. Oh! Shoot! I thought you were going to start a youtube channel. I would love to see you on your own channel creating. You should think about that. :) I make rag quilts. Mostly for babies. I do make them for grown-up too. ;) They are fun and no binding which is a plus. The hardest part is clipping all those edges but I have special scissors to help with that. Time consuming is all. Going to check out the link.

  2. I used this method on a large patchwork blanket I made years ago. I always think it gives a nice neat finish. Good to channel your energy into something creative.

  3. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!