Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Crazy Day!

Wherethejourneytakesme - I think our local squirrels have been at the horse chestnuts.

I woke up to an acceptance. A short story I wrote is going to be included in 'Grumpy Old Gods Vol 3'. I'll share more about that when publication gets nearer, but writing about the Old Gods who are in retirement and grouchy with it was irresistible and I feel really lucky to be included.

I dropped bear and his pal off at school, picked up some odds and ends at Tesco and then got lost in their car park. They are having work done to their car park which means all sorts of places are cordoned off - including the only exit I know! The other exit (which took some tracking down) leads eventually to a crossroads which I had encountered a few times during driving lessons and which is fairly evil. It has to be approached with care, but I had done it enough times that I could just use clutch and brake and didn't need harsh language.

I stopped off for a walk in the park, and went far enough to give me severe knee ache. They are not doing well. It was worth it, as I was walking in the woods quite early and it was incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately I got lost again and ended up coming down these steps. They are steeper than they look!

I thought I was incredibly brave as my track record of falling down steps isn't good. Next time I shall just backtrack. It was still worth it, and I got doggy cuddles as well.

I had barely got home when I was out again as my awesome driving instructor took me around Leeds town centre. It is not an easy place to drive, but I am cautiously confident that I wouldn't cause a major incident if I went in on my own. I drive for hours without issue if I'm just going where I want on a day out, but today left me utterly drained. I didn't even call in home, but went straight to pick up bear.

We got home and bear voluntarily practised the violin, eventually practised the piano and then it was time for bear's piano lesson. Bear's piano teacher who is utterly, utterly awesome, is going to stop giving lessons. I am devastated. I understand, as he is busy with teaching in schools, but I am heartbroken. He has been helping bear, sometimes against all odds, for years and years now, and it feels almost like a bereavement. I completely understand, though, and I think he is doing the right thing for him. I am just a little bereft, and so is bear.

Fortunately dinner turned out alright. DH and bear inhaled the pasta bake (from a jar - the shame of it!) and now I am going to sit back and recover, after I've ironed the shirts for tomorrow.

Hugs to all (especially Jill).

Edited to add - Writing stuff - I nearly forgot! This is my reply to this week's writing challenge here.


  1. Congratulations on having a story accepted for publication! That's wonderful! Sorry to hear that the piano teacher is going to stop giving lessons. Will you try to find another piano teacher or will the violin lessons be enough? When my daughter's piano teacher stopped giving lessons, my daughter stopped taking piano altogether and started dance classes, until years later, she took up piano, again, with another teacher.

  2. Those steps look a bit elf and safety - no handrail - is that allowed now!

  3. Congrats on the acceptance of your story!

    I hate it when places are closed that I use to get somewhere. I went to the library the other day only to discover they had completely closed the road I usually took to get home! Yikes! I made it back but luckily there were clearly marked detour signs.

    Sorry to hear the piano teacher will be giving up lessons. Hopefully you can find someone else who will fit.