Thursday, 12 September 2019

Teenage Years are Hitting

It has come to the backing of the books. Bear said he wanted to pick up some paper to back his book with. When we were getting his eyes tested on Sunday, we also called in to The Works and looked for some good stiff paper. There wasn't any. Bear had previously admired the clear book covers a friend has, and I spotted some film that is supposed to be for backing books, and asked him if he wanted that. He said yes. I want to be clear - I had full, informed consent.

Now his story is that I forced him, with literal force, to get this stuff instead of wallpaper (he never mentioned wallpaper!). And it is all my fault! He is also after a new drinks bottle, having broke the one I got on Monday. I can't see that ending well either. I have no idea what I am doing for dinner tomorrow, but I have the awful conviction that it will be wrong. I am seriously considering taking up meditation.

Also, feeling achy. I may have a cold.


  1. Oh dear. I was accused of many things as my 4 kids went through teenagehood, but never force. But they were all imagined wrongs if that makes you feel any better!x

  2. Oh, dear! I remember the time my daughter wanted a type of stretchy fabric book covers that were selling for $4.50 or something in one of the stores. I wasn't willing to pay that much for a book cover and told her she'd need to use her allowance to buy them or I could make fabric covers with fabric I had in my stash. She took up my offer and I sewed her fabric book covers.

    I guess you'll have to check your stash for wallpaper and let bear recover his books with that!

    Maybe some soup for dinner? If nothing else, it might help you with your cold. (((HUGS)))

  3. I can recommend meditation or drinking alcohol to get you through the teenage years. As I remember them what was OK one day was not the next - turbulent times ahead for you me thinks.