Sunday, 29 September 2019

Drama Possibly Diminishing!

Heleng - I paid far too much for the freeze dried fruit at The Rotten Fruit Box. I am considering getting some more for Christmas. I like the variety they have.  As a Christmas treat, I can definitely justify them. They have some that look less expensive on Amazon (my search is here), but I don't know about what varieties they do.

Apparently people are moving out. I don't know how much drama there will be in the move, and what will be left, and whether there will be visits, but it looks hopeful. I feel I may have a chance to get on with some much needed stuff in the garden. I may even be able to do things like top up my wiper fluid outside the house instead of in Morrisons carpark.

I haven't got much done today, apart from iron a few shirts, but I'm feeling optimistic with the possible reduction in drama, so gearing up to get busy next week.

Writing stuff - From tomorrow, there will be a post every day from me throughout October, so be warned.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Hope you are able to go outside more when the drama subsides. My daughter has had a lot of drama from the residents in the little rented cottages behind her. They are at a right angle to her back garden with a service lane between them so people can get to their garages at the back of their houses. Someone from the rented cottages set one of the garages on fire - luckily not my daughters. The council came and put up a high fence to keep the residents of the cottages unable to get out onto the service lane. Problem solved!