Sunday 10 February 2019

45ml of Milk

First - thank you everyone for congratulations.  I really appreciate it.  For some reason I can't quite believe it's real, but I'm sure I'll be filling up the 'Writing Stuff' section as soon as the anthology is published - quite a few months away.  I shall keep coming back to this and feeling hugged, so thank you. 

Bear has the dratted cookery lesson again tomorrow.  Sigh.  Tomorrow he is making scones, but he has to be creative about the dratted things.  Asking a twelve year old to be creative with scones seems to be asking for trouble.  But bear and I threw a few ideas around and so he is going in to school tomorrow with the ingredients for cheese scones, without the milk.  Apparently bear could just use some of the stuff at school.  He kept a safe distance from me when he told me this.  Apparently anyone could measure out the 45ml of milk but it's supposed to be quicker if it's pre-measured at home.  I found this out because the milk in the fridge had turned and I was wondering where I could get milk at 8.30pm on a Sunday within easy distance and whether the local shop would be open early enough for me to go, buy milk, measure milk and pack it safely.  Bear just waved my problem away as not something to stress about.  I stopped stressing and started fuming after all the pressure last time to send in 50ml of milk. 

Back to the rest of the ingredients.  The egg is hopefully safe still as it is wrapped in many layers of kitchen roll and packed firmly in a small, sealed box.  I was considering sending in just a teaspoon or so of the mustard, chilli and sage but in the end we went with sending in the jars and hoping that bear doesn't get mustard on anything I need to wash.

Bear was not in a good place today.  DH is struggling with what I had, bear is stressed about DH and I spent a lot of time just hanging with him and talking nonsense.  Poor lad.  Fortunately, he was out with my Sister in Law yesterday and came back with some amazing things which included computer games, so he could distract himself. 


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