Monday 18 February 2019

Getting Nervous

Thank you for the good wishes and the encouragement.  It may well be that the crease is easement pleat mentioned by wherethejourneytakesme.  As someone still scared of their sewing machine, I will accept I could be wrong. 

I took bear to the dentist today.  He had two small fillings, and was very brave.  He needs to go back again to monitor some other stuff, but he is pretty awesome. 

My driving test is tomorrow.  I am not confident.  I'm okay driving but I don't know the roads around the new test centre.  I'm worried about being caught out by the speed limits as there are some irrational changes around there.  There are some strange corners where it's actually a bend when it looks like a junction - lots of fun stuff like that.  There are plenty of hill starts as well, which I can usually manage.

I can park in a bay as long as I'm not thinking about it.  If I'm talking about something else, I just sweep in and hit it perfectly.  If I'm trying I end up in all sorts of strange positions.  I can parallel park fine (last time I wanted to frame it, because I totally nailed it).  I don't want to do an emergency stop as they terrify me (but I've always been fine). 

Also, I'm croaky, and I'm starting to feel an ache in my joints.  I think I will have a hot chocolate and go to bed. 


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