Saturday 23 February 2019

Away with the Fairies

I've been running a temperature all day.  It's been great for creativity.  Fortunately bear and DH have been out for most of the day, so I have coughed, drank lots of liquid and allowed myself to drift a little. 

Tomorrow I have to pull myself together, as bear has school on Monday.  I asked him about his homework.  He said he would do it tomorrow.  In other words, the mental breakdown and hysteria that I asked him to avoid when we discussed homework is about to break.  I am more or less up to speed on washing and I have found both of bear's football socks, but I'm not sure about football boots. 

On the bright side, bear has been discussing his plans to walk home, at least part of the way, which will be great exercise.  We have been talking over maps and possibilities and, when and if I finally pass the dratted test and get an inexpensive car, I can see me picking up kids from random places.  Mind you, I was expecting that.  Bear is very nearly almost a teenager and I am resigned to being chauffeur in chief.  All I need to do is pass my test and master my fear of car parks.

Interestingly, one of the possible manoeuvres in a test is to park in a bay.  If I am chatting about something else I can sweep in without a problem.  If I try and aim then I look like a dreadful warning about how not to park.  I've been really careful not to park near cars, but I think I won't have the luxury of that in the future. 

Thank you for all the good wishes.  It is much appreciated. 

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