Thursday 28 February 2019

Soup by the Slice

I am still a cough monster, despite the wonderful good wishes.  However, moving on, I managed some home made soup. 

I washed and peeled some of the veggies from the delivery last week and chopped them into chunks.  I was running short of time, so I dumped them into the pot with some of the lazy garlic, curry powder, water, stock cubes and a dash of oil.  I also added something I was trying for the first time.  I had gone out on a limb and bought some rice and lentils mixed to make a complete protein.  They are normally marketed at vegans, and while I am not vegan, I am not ashamed to take advantage of a good idea either.  Apparently lentils don't have complete protein in them.  You need to eat legumes (lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans etc) with a grain (wheat, rice, barley, rye etc) to get the complete thingies that make up a protein.  Do not take this as absolute fact, and do your own research, but I'm fairly confident that this is an issue.  I added some of this mix to the veggies (which, by the way, may have been the end of last year's crop and pretty bendy, but they were so much tastier still than the supermarket version).  When I blended it up, it was a little thicker than I wanted, but I didn't have time to add water as I had to rush out to get bear from his house drama. 

Bear and DH loved it.  They wanted it again, please, quite soon, and could I make sure to freeze the leftovers, thank you so much, mother.  However DH said that he couldn't permit me to call it soup when it could be sliced, so it's tentatively called curry.  And now I need to pick up some more labels as I have stashed the 'curry' in the freezer but I didn't label it, and I used the same reusable boxes for both the standard soup with butternut squash and this which was more carrot, onion and parsnip.  They will both get eaten, however, so that is something.  And I can't call it a proper curry.  I'm going for spicy stew-type thing, but it's not as catchy.

Writing stuff - I am getting to be a regular at posting a little flash fiction and this week's offering is here

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash


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