Monday 4 February 2019

That was Monday

It feels like it's been a week!

I had a driving lesson today (no casualties) and I told my awesome instructor that I couldn't do 60mph today.  I was still flattened.  So we tootled around the Dewsbury area and I did okay.  I just drove.  I dealt with traffic, noticed dodgy pedestrians, awkward turns and while I had a dither at one roundabout, I swept majestically around another. 

Bless asked about my mother's grave.  As noted in previous posts, we are not exactly sure which is my mother's grave.  The church allowed us to have a plot for free, and when my brother sorts out my uncle's headstone it will read, 'Here lies [uncle's name and dates] and somewhere nearby, known unto God, lies [mother's name and dates].  Both of them would have found it funny and enjoyed there being something out of the ordinary in their burials.  I believe firmly that funerals and any burial sites are for those left behind.  Father took the same view and while he (and I) would be happy to be left out for the binmen when the time came, it's not legal so just do the best for those trying to work things out.  My great uncle actually donated his body to science, as while there was a fee for sending him to the place where he was needed, it was a lot less than a funeral and great uncle was a strong believer in being cost effective.   

Bear's backpack has a broken strap, so I have just added the third backpack this year to my Amazon order.  And that reminds me, tomorrow I need to call in to get a replacement for his bus pass as he has lost this one. 

Now I am off to watch YouTube craft videos in the hope that it will give inspiration for crafts bear and I can do in the coming half term. 


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