Thursday 21 February 2019

Another Day, Another Sniff!

I has a cold.  Again.  It is horrible and unpleasant and my throat and chest are really painful.  It's even affecting my ability to speak.  I am not a happy bunny. Again.  I am surrounded by soggy tissues.

I've still managed to sort out a few loads of washing, hang out with bear, cleared out some stuff in the kitchen and made and froze a load of home made soup.  This was a good and a bad thing.  Bear practically inhaled it, which is flattering.  I bought three packs of casserole vegetables, three for the price of two, or just over two kilos for £3, and cooked up two packs with lots of garlic, curry powder, a couple of stock cubes and some lentils and blitzed it with a hand blender.  I stashed eight portions in the freezer on top of what bear had managed, so it's not bad value.  I probably could do the veggies cheaper but not by a huge amount and it was convenient.  I have one pack left and no space in the freezer. 

And that's the bad thing. I have no space in the freezer and I have veggies to use up.  I have put in a tentative order for a small(ish) amount from Muscle Food, which is online meat sales, to test the water and I have no space in the freezer to stash it!  I am going to have to have a clear out.  Also, bear and I will be having stuff from the freezer for lunch tomorrow.  I am seriously considering the benefits of another freezer as I like having home made soup and frozen pizza in.  I never know how many of bear's pals I will be feeding or when, so I would like to be a little more prepared.  Most of the stuff currently in there is frozen veggies and some chicken breast joints that are tricky for me to cook. 

The chicken breast joints were on offer, make two meals for us without waste (I can't make stock to save my life so I don't miss the bones) but I can't cook them easily.  If I cook them in the halogen, the foil that covers them for the first part of cooking blows off.  If I cook them in the grill oven, the top of the joint gets hard.  The microwave combi oven isn't getting hot enough and if I use my main oven, all the lights go out.  I'm going to have to work on it.

Writing stuff - I've been sorting through some of my stuff and getting ready for OWS CyCon 2019, which is an online book convention in May.  I'll be talking more about it nearer the time, but it looks like it will be a great showcase for all sorts of different book genres.  I've also managed some flash fiction, here, and I'm hoping to be back on the White Hart schedule tomorrow. 

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