Saturday 23 February 2019

Up to my Neck in Veggies

Today I had two deliveries.  One was from Muscle Food.  I haven't investigated that properly, but it looks very nice and I'll see how I go with it.  The food arrived fine, packed with ice packs, so it's now down to how well I use the stuff. 

The other was a veg box.  This is not the best time of year for local veg boxes, but bear very much approves of soup (lots of garlic, curry powder and lentils mean that the veggies go down well with plenty of nutrition).  Of course, this was ordered before I realised exactly how packed my freezer was.  So I have a load of stuff like this, plus a back of prepared casserole veg, and no freezer space to take the soups!

There is also plenty of tomatoes (bear suggested soup), a cucumber and sweet pepper and I also picked up a fruit box.  This is what it looks like after bear.

Bear has already eaten two pears, two apples, an orange, a mango and disposed of two grapefruit (he didn't actually eat much of the grapefruit, and he utterly rejected grapefruit juice, but the grapefruit aren't here any more).  He didn't approve of the avocado, either, but he sliced it up with aplomb.  The pineapple and bananas are under-ripe, which means that poor bear will be reduced to some more oranges, apples and pears until they are fit. 

I am sure bear will go off soup soon, but until he does, it's a wonderful way to get nutrition into him! 

kate - I'm glad I am not looking at taking a test when I am not only pregnant but two weeks overdue!  I completely admire your courage doing that!  My lovely instructor has booked me in for the end of March, but just past 8am.  I shall be hitting the school run, which will be a nuisance, but it could be worse.  And thank you to everyone for the good wishes and encouragement.  I really appreciate it, even if I don't always write it, and I certainly needed the hugs after this latest fail. 

My cough has come back and I'm feeling very uncomfortable at a time when I need to be getting active with all the food delivered.  Bear and DH are out tomorrow so I may take it as a duvet day before worrying what I'm going to do with miscellaneous carrots. 

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