Thursday 14 February 2019

It's Getting Better

It's been a calmer day today.  The driving lesson went fine, bear seems okay apart from copious sniffles and I'm cautiously confident that things will pick up.  Bear is on half term holiday next week and I'm keeping everything crossed that we get a quiet time.  It feels wonderful not to have a stress episode to write about. 

DH and I don't bother with Valentine's Day and bear was carefully discreet about it.  I'm not asking him any questions.  He has enough on his plate being 12 without having an interfering mother on his back.  When DH and I first met it was great to make a big deal about Valentine's Day, with home made cards and cooking special meals with romance afterwards.  Now it seems to be all about the commercial side, which is sad. 

Writing stuff - I've got back on the flash fiction, here, and it has a sort of romantic theme, but not quite.  I saw the pic and it just looked like a relic and there was the story. 

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

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