Saturday, 31 December 2016

Aldi is Calling

I shop mainly at Tesco.  I shop at Tesco a lot.  I got a Christmas card from Tesco.  I find their customer service lovely, their products more than adequate and their prices competitive.  Also, they deliver and for £6 per month they deliver frequently.

Today we called in to Aldi as they sell the diet cola I like, plus the small chocolate bars that seem to just suit all of us.  I noticed that a lot of my staples were a lot less expensive than Tesco.  I am sure that I could save a considerable amount there if I stuck to a list, bought only what I needed and did a monthly Tesco shop for the stuff that Aldi didn't carry.

There is no way I could stick to a list.  I would be good as I went round the bread, the sweeties, the canned goods and the fruit and veg.  A few extra bits might end up in my trolley, but not much.  It's the Aisle of Doom, also known as 'This Week's Special Buys'.  There is such temptation!  It's where I got bear's dressing gown (which he still wears at all opportunities) and some great pyjamas for DH and today I forced myself to put back some aran weight yarn that was being sold at under £3 for a 400g ball!  It is far too tempting.  When I shop online I can at least look at the total and remove the stuff that is a want and not a need.

So it looks like I may need to ration my trips to Aldi and stick to Tesco who are, after all, pretty good.  I especially need to stay off the special buys that can be ordered online.  I quite fancy this fabric for curtains in my room.  It's a single duvet cover, and checking the measurements it would give me four metres of 135cm wide fabric for £5.49.  I would need two duvet covers to make the curtains, but that is still a bargain.  Fortunately it's almost sold out and I should be able to resist temptation for a little while.


  1. I like Aldis. There is one near my Mum where she lives in Ipswich and there are some here in the US. There are some really good deals there. Now that I have my car back I will be able to make that 'extra' trip there and get the things I do prefer to buy there.

    Online food shopping isn't a big thing where we live in the states. Probably because it isn't a big city. It would be nice to order and just pick it up lol. No temptations. I get really distracted. I have been doing better IF I make sure I know what I am cooking for dinner. It's just a bit old making the same things over and over.

  2. The closest Aldi's to me is some 35 miles away, so I haven't shopped there! I don't even know if they carry anything other than groceries. Good luck with your shopping and resisting the bargains! :)