Thursday, 22 December 2016

We Went to IKEA

We saw these...

(my particular favourite was the hang gliding pandas, but I loved the way that the store sneaked in loads of stuffed toys) but we didn't see this...

... which was the actual purpose of our visit.  We also got this...

... which we hadn't meant to get and was definitely a want not a need but I wanted a yarn holder for when I'm knitting and while I had planned to make one (and still might), this looked well suited and, yes, I regret the £10 but it could have been worse.

We also got a red fleece blanket 130cm x 170cm (around 51 inches x 70 inches) for £3 which isn't a bad price per metre, even if the fleece isn't very thick.  I planned to use it for the hot water bottle covers after practicing on the stash of well washed fleece baby blankets, perhaps double thickness, but bear has claimed it.  Red is his favourite colour and he loves that it is soft and cosy.  Then there were the soft toys that bear had requested for his Christmas/birthday present that I got when DH kept bear elsewhere.

So we came out with £37 of goodies but no wardrobe.  I've gone online and ordered it, which means that we are paying £39 for a wardrobe and £35 for delivery.  It would be £25 for delivery if it had been in stock but we have to pay a picking charge.

Bear loved the trip.  He loved opening all the doors and checking all the cupboards and was totally ready to buy everything.  I'm not letting him watch any home improvement programmes.  I'd never hear the end of it.

The yarn holder is no good, however, as the super thick yarn has turned up and I have abandoned all other projects for the chunky jacket I've been dreaming of.  It knits in stripes so I would be always changing the yarn in the holder.  I will see if it is as quick as they say.  Apparently it takes 8 hours to knit and another 7 hours to embroider.  If I do manage to finish the project I'm willing to bet it takes a great deal longer than that for me.  However I have videos to watch.  Bear, DH and I have watched Flash together and we are now on episode 13 of season 1 and we are over half way through season 3 of the Arrow and we will no doubt be starting season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow - all series based on DC comics with great production values, very good acting, awesome fight scenes and men with their shirts off.  Also there are YouTube videos.  I plan to watch videos about Iceland, history, craft and also funny cats.

Sharon - I am frequently embarrassed at how little non-European history I know, and the Native Americans are definitely on my 'to learn about' list.  I feel that language shapes the way we think, we can only usually think about things we have words for, and when a language dies I think a way of looking at the world goes with it.  I'm glad you enjoyed the link.


  1. Sounds like a fun visit to the Ikea store. I've never been to one but have seen lots of their things online. They look very nice. Maybe one day I'll find one to go to!

    I honestly didn't know a lot about American history until I got here. Compared to England the history here does not go that far back which I find quite disappointing but it is interesting to learn about what history they do have. Funny thing is when I was in High School our foreign geography area was the Great Lakes which is exactly where I ended up!

  2. I think the two chef bears are my favorites! I haven't been to an Ikea in awhile. But my family room sofas and my daughter's bedroom furniture all came from there!