Sunday, 11 December 2016

Trucking Homework

Bear is supposed to be doing his homework.  He needs to look stuff up on the internet about the rainforest.  He's limping along while taking a lot of breaks.

Meanwhile, in the breaks, bear is playing a truck driving simulator (while at the same time listening to a YouTube video of someone else playing a truck driving simulator) and making a list of all the places he visits.  Bear, being bear, prefers this complexity to just copying down some basic facts from a website.

I'm making the right sort of noises as bear enthusiastically tells me all about the cities the truck visits all over the UK and Europe.  I sometimes correct his pronunciation because he is a Yorkshire bear and has no idea how to approach names like Versailles or Cologne.  It's okay, though, as bear helpfully corrects me when I get distances between cities wrong and has explained the difference between a truck and a lorry.

What bear doesn't realise is that he is, in fact, educating himself.  He forgets nothing, he really doesn't, so he is learning the main cities of the UK and Europe (which is more than I ever learned in school) and roughly where they are, with the distances between them.    He is hoping to get the expansion packs for Asia and the Americas soon and will then be teaching himself the main cities of those as well.  All by playing a rather quiet computer game.

And while I have been typing this up, DH has been helping bear set up an excel spreadsheet so that he can generate random routes between different cities.   Apparently they want to try and make their own game.

I wish more games sneaked education in sideways.  Bear may be wanting truck simulator expansion packs but he also wants Skylanders.  I haven't spotted education in that, but he enjoys it, and that's good enough.


  1. I think it is wonderful that Bear is teaching himself geography! My daughter used to love the maths computer games and such. Hope the rainforest homework gets done, too, in between driving all over the UK and Europe. :)

  2. I loved finding games that sneaked the education in without them knowing lol. Glad he's having fun while learning

  3. My son has 'game related' rests between bouts of homework.... suspect they are lest educating unless he wants to be a medieval battle campaign strategist. ....