Friday, 30 December 2016

Ringing in My Ears

Our phone has stopped working.  Actually, it was getting overworked.  It was ringing non stop but if you tried to answer it then all you heard was a strange clicking.

Of course it started when DH was out and it was impossible for me to unplug the dratted thing as the cables behind the cupboard where the telephone lives are a nightmare rats' nest.  DH sorted them all out for me but somehow they are intertwined and knotted and I didn't have a clue.  Bear and I sat in the other room with the door firmly shut with the telephone ringing non stop until DH came home and managed to unplug it (and the router which I had managed to dislodge when I attempted to sort the phone).  We locked it in his car overnight just in case.

And adding to the wrapping paper and toy packaging is the packaging for the wardrobe that has been delivered today by two lovely men who kindly took it upstairs for me.  I was so grateful.  I shall let DH build it.


  1. Wow that must have been annoying! I don't blame you for sticking it in another room and shutting the door.

    Hope your DH doesn't have a lot of trouble building the wardrobe.

  2. A phone that wouldn't stop ringing would have been very annoying! Too bad there wasn't a way to turn off the ringer, but closing the door to the room was a good alternative. Glad your DH was able to unplug it. Very nice of the delivery guys to take the wardrobe upstairs for you. Probably Bear will want to help your DH with the building of it. :)