Saturday, 10 December 2016

And Breathe

The piano tutor said that bear was doing incredibly well even though bear has not practiced.  It worries me how good bear is at blagging   The nice man could do the service without any problem because I had moved all the stuff.  The awesome maths tutor was awesome and had plenty of space to work in an almost okay place.  I managed to get some ironing done, did some Christmas planning and watched some more dratted episodes of Arrow.  We're probably getting some Flash dvds for Christmas.  I have a sense of what the future holds.  I see men without shirts and get to do my knitting so I'm not complaining too much.

So now it's just the lovely electricity men coming on Tuesday.  Most of what I needs to do involves moving things on Monday night to a Heap and then moving it all back after they leave.  I'm feeling confident.  Well, I'm feeling almost confident.

Now I can move on to tomorrow's big challenge - bear's homework.  That is the tough one.


  1. Yay, you managed to clear the spaces you needed to clear! I am sure you'll be able to move stuff for the electricians to have the access they need, too. I'm sure they've all seen worse in other houses. Good luck with Bear's homework challenge! :)

  2. Just put everything in Heaps and cover it with dust sheets! They'll be too busy working to notice.