Thursday, 1 December 2016

The First Day of Winter

It's sort of the first day of Winter.  According to the Met Office, meteorological winter starts on 1 December but astronomical winter starts on 21 December on the Winter Solstice.  Actually it's slightly warmer today, which is perhaps just as well.  I picked up a pair of gloves for bear at Matalan yesterday.  This morning, without even leaving the room with them, he has managed to lose one of the gloves.

I've finished the blanket.  It's around three feet wide and three and a half feet long and sort of okay.  It's great for dementia patients to twiddle and fiddle as there are different ridges and stripes, so hopefully it will be fine for uncle.

It took around 500g of yarn, and I hope he will enjoy it.  When I've cleared the decks of other projects I may knit some bigger ones for the sofa.

I have a to-do list as long as my arm for all the stuff I need to do for winter, but today I'm concentrating on getting the kitchen more sorted as a man is coming to service the boiler.  As I have started to stockpile the Christmas goodies and there are piles everywhere, I may have to get imaginative.  I'm making home made soup for dinner, it's that sort of weather.


  1. Lovely blanket. Finished just in time for winter! It is my least favourite season. I like the snow just fine - as long as I can just look out of my window and gasp at it, not so much when I have to go out in it. Where we are it never seems to end!

    Soup sounds really good. I had homemade veggie soup for lunch. I made a whole bunch of it and froze it in serving size containers. Same with Leek and Potato soup I made. Yummy.

  2. Your blanket looks lovely! I like all the colors - like a rainbow. I'm sure your uncle will like it. Mmm, home made soup sounds good. Keep warm!