Saturday, 17 December 2016

Mortified (Again)

Bear doesn't usually swap Christmas presents with his pals.  They are a good lot, in general, but boys don't seem to do presents like girls.  Bear was only bothered taking six cards in.  In my view, he's of an age to make his own decisions, I made Christmas cards available and left him to it.

Yesterday I picked bear up early from school as he had a poorly tummy (picking up now with the hot water bottle).  Bear was clinging on to one of those cardboard sick bowls that schools use and I was left to carry his coat and book bag - and an incredibly full, incredibly heavy, reinforced plastic bag full of his gift from one of his pals.  That is, a gift from someone we hadn't bought for.  A very large and incredibly heavy gift we hadn't bought for.  It includes what looks like a dozen large books and a wrapped present.  I could barely manage to get it home.

I asked bear about this.  'It's not my fault we haven't got him a present.' He said indignantly.  'I only found out on Wednesday!'  I patiently explained that because we pay £79 for Amazon prime that even at this time of year I could have to his pal a present delivered the next day.  That is, the Thursday.  That is, the day before the last day of term and I would be able to look the day (who normally does the drop off) in the eye.  Or I could have called in one of a dozen places on Thursday.  Or DH could have picked something up on the way home.  Or a dozen variations of the theme of 'if you had told me...'

I suppose that bear coming home early has a silver lining.  It makes it look that I was going to hand over the present for his pal at pick up on Friday but was prevented, and it also means that I can shop for something awesome in the sales.

There is always a bright side.

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  1. I hope Bear is feeling better. I'm sure you'll have an opportunity to reciprocate the gifts, later. :)