Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tesco Sent me a Christmas Card

Actually, I think it's just something that they are rolling out to the 'frequent flyers' but I'm putting it up with the Christmas cards.  Apparently I've done 300 shops with them.  To be honest, my first reaction was, 'Is that all?  I thought I'd done more than that.'  They have very kindly included 250 extra Clubcard points, and that is very welcome.

I'm becoming very fond of Tesco.  They do very reasonable prices, their customer service is now excellent in my experience (hasn't always been!) and their clubcard points have been incredibly useful.  I am now spending time on their recipe website and when I need a bargain like the tv for bear's xbox I find myself on the tesco outlet on eBay.

Can I also mention that Tesco Living is quite interesting.  The page is here if you fancy a look.  One of their suggestions is snipping twigs from a real Christmas tree and putting them in a spray bottle full of vinegar, then allowing it to steep before using it as a cleaning spray.  I know Bless does something similar with orange peel, and I am tempted to have a go.  I'm also tempted to have a go at the ice dye cushion cover

Though I suspect it's the photography and the snuggly blanket behind the cushion that is pulling me in.

I should mention that unfortunately this post is not sponsored by Tesco, though I am wondering if they have any jobs going locally.


  1. I think it's a sign you shop too much with them lol - at least that's my theory as I received a $10 GC to a bookshop here in America that I frequent far too much. I think it's their way of telling me I spend too much there. I really have to cut down!

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the Tesco Living site! So many interesting ideas! Yes, the pine scented vinegar sounds similar to my orange peel cleaner. I must give the pine vinegar a try!