Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Just Chillin...

It has been a wonderfully unremarkable day.  We have watched more Flash episodes than I care to count as bear has got hooked on the show.  I'm okay with that as it isn't too bad as far as tv for young lads goes, but I gave myself eye strain before Christmas and the craft light I use in the living room isn't working (bulb) so I can't catch up with my knitting while bear is mentally being Flash.  His version of Flash going up our stairs is remarkable.  We have fourteen stairs (I think) but when bear channels the Flash going up them it sounds like we have 52.

I'm still feeling flattened but I only have another day of antibiotics to go.  I need to get a few nights of decent sleep and prepare for my New Year's Resolutions.  I have written so many times on this blog that I am going to do something and have never managed it, so I am going to concentrate on what I have done instead.  I did decide, however, that if I'm going to get anywhere with my resolutions then I needed to prepare.

Something I have actually done is wrap bear's birthday presents.  There were some action toys (some of them new this year as I got a great deal), some books, a box of sweeties and this...

... which ended up like this...

... and is probably the reason that I ran out of sticky tape and had to use some of bear's stash.  Bear asked for it very nicely, it wasn't too expensive to start with and was on sale, and I think he will enjoy it being part of his plush pile very much.  After wrapping it, however, I am seriously considering giving him a gift card for his birthday next year.


  1. I have a bunch of things I want to do next year too. Hardly anything got done. I think I might have to keep a list somewhere and update myself on them just to keep on track. Yikes.

    Hope you feel better soon. At least you got Bear's presents wrapped - that's one thing you can cross off your list!

    I'm just trying to get through daughter's move next week before things settle down. It will be very quiet around here!

  2. Aw, that is the cutest plush toy! Reminds me of the stuffed toy tiger I asked for and received when I was 3 years old - had it till I was well into my 50s! You did very well with the wrapping of it!