Sunday, 18 December 2016

How long is Five Minutes

I've been watching craft videos on YouTube.  It rarely ends well.  I have come away with a long list of things that I might do if I ever get round to it, get organised and don't get distracted.

One particular group is the 'Five Minute Craft' channel.  Some of the videos are just quick hacks, some of them are a lot of fun.  One video, however, by this lot or another but definitely under the 'only takes five minutes' banner, showed a video about making an advent calendar.  It looked lovely.  You made a large hanging board which you decorated by glueing fancy paper, then you hand made twenty four little boxes from stiff paper or thing card, which you decorated.  Then you made twenty four beautifully written slips of promises for goodies/cuddles which you also decorated.  Then you tied each individual box onto the board with lovely ribbon.  This is supposed to be a five minute craft.  It would take me five minutes to find the ribbon.  I think I need to switch to funny cat videos.

Bear continues getting better.  Last night he slept on the sofa and dozed off to the Great British Sewing Bee.  Watching that with him did not help.


  1. Wow that advent calendar doesn't sound like a five minute craft! I'm like you - I wouldn't even be getting started within five minutes. I love watching craft videos but then end up with a bunch of stuff I want to do and I can't figure out which one to do first - so none of them get done!

    Glad Bear is feeling a little better.

  2. That advent calendar project is definitely an "at least five minutes per step" type of craft!

    Glad to hear that Bear is feeling better.