Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bears will be bears

Three pairs of bear's school trousers have decided to go at once.  Each one has a threadbare patch on the right knee waiting to become an actual hole.  You can almost poke your finger through one.  He has also ripped a tear up the back of one of his shirts.

I've ordered some more trousers as a click and collect so I should get them soon.  Bear does have two pairs of school trousers left, but both are looking faded.  I really recommend Matalan for those buying school uniform in the UK.  Those trousers have washed and washed and washed as bear usually has a clean pair everyday.  They do great school shirts as well.  I'm not exactly sure what bear managed to do, but there is a tear right down the centre of the back of one of his school shirts.

He has also managed to completely destroy his shoelaces.  I'm not sure exactly what is going on as his shoes are fine, but the shoelaces are just fragments.

I may wonderwebb some fabric to the inside of the knees of the new trousers.  Something tells me that they may need it.


  1. Kids are hard on their clothes, aren't they? Also, often, the clothes themselves aren't made very well so they are not so durable.

  2. Boys seem to be so hard on clothes - not sure why. It's funny about the shoelaces. I wonder why they are going? Good idea to reinforce those trousers!

  3. It's amazing what boys can do to clothes. They will come home in shreds looking as if they've fought with a tiger and lost. haha And when ask what happened they will give you a look of "What do you mean"! My kiddo could mangle a pair of shoes in a day. Hope you and hubby are feeling much better.