Sunday, 18 December 2016

Bear is From Yorkshire

DH and I are so proud.

Bear's tummy is still having it's moments, so to distract him I started talking about the floor lamp next to my chair in the living room.  As I was cuddling bear I realised that the floor lamp had given up and was now only upright because it was leaning against the arm of the chair.  'It's had it.' I said.  'I'm going to have to get a new one.'
DH nodded but bear looked at me.  'It's still working.'
'Yes,' I agreed.  'The light still works but it isn't standing up properly.'
'But you can still use it.' Bear insisted.  'We don't need another one.'

Bear is adamant that as the light still works then we don't actually need to worry as long as we can still prop the lamp up more or less upright.  DH has had a twiddle, but it looks drunk.

'It isn't that much for a new one.' I said.  'They're very inexpensive.'
Bear just gave me a look.  'The light still works.  It will be fine.  We can save the money.'

To be fair, I'm the adult and bear is the child, but in this case I'm happy to follow bear's lead. I can see him being an awesome influence on me.  One of our projects over Christmas can be trying to get the lamp upright.  For full disclosure, the lamp that we were discussing is around twenty years old and a replacement will be a whole £14.  It looks like this...

Bear still has a poorly tummy (though much better than it was) but is now suffering with a significantly blocked nose.  I am happy for anything to distract him, and if it means trying to get a lamp upright then I'm good with that.  I am also happy that he's got such a good attitude to not buying when unnecessary, though any future wife may find things a challenge.

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  1. Your Bear is a delight! I hope he feels better, soon, though.