Thursday, 26 January 2017

A Cold Fail

Yesterday I saw the weather forecasts and they were all very definite.  Today was going to be cold, in fact it was going to be COLD.

So last night I dithered and DH carefully scattered rock salt over the steps so that when the forecast -1C hit we would be fine.  This was a fail.

Because the ground was dry, and for some reasons no doubt connected with the weather, we didn't get ice.  We did get vast amounts of cold, but the paths were dry.  At least, the paths that we hadn't put rock salt on were dry.  Salt attracts water.  The only part of the paths and steps that were damp and therefore in danger of ice were the places I had put down salt.  You can see it here

There you have a perfectly dry pavement surrounding the damp patch where the salt landed.  It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow and at the weekend which is perhaps just as well.  Still, at least the salt should keep the weeds down.

Bear was so cold he came home wearing three sweaters.  It did answer one of the great mysteries in my life - what on earth does bear do with his sweaters.  He takes them off in school and forgets them.  He was glad of it today.  It's definitely a soup night!


  1. It's so difficult to know what to do for the best isn't it?
    Enjoy your soup.
    Just to let you know.....the pork is lovely-x-

  2. That's usually how it works, isn't it? If you hadn't put down the salt, there would have been a layer of ice all over the place, no doubt! Glad Bear had all his sweaters on hand at school for when he needed them! :)

  3. Brrr... getting chillier here again. We had some snow today. Ugh. I was going to go to a couple of shops but ended up not going. Less money spent anyway! Mum said it had been icy where she is. She had a hospital appointment Monday - said it was bitterly cold but she got there okay.