Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fail Day

I've had a fail day.  I've done some bits.  I've excavated bear's desk which I really need to make a daily job, and we had home made soup tonight.  Mind you, I spent most of last night trying not to scratch my skin off as I think I had gluten some time during my weekend away and it's been bad.

Fortunately I've not been too tired to have a go at some Sporcle games.  I'm actually learning a lot.  Thanks to doing these quizzes (and getting shedloads wrong) I now know how to spell 'Connecticut' and 'Mississippi'.  Other times I have to put the game on pause because while I know the answer I have to google how to spell the dratted thing.

Tomorrow will be better.


  1. I wouldn't say you've had a fail day. If you made soup you did better than me who couldn't actually be assed to cook in the end and we just had egg and chips.....my excuse being a filthy migraine that came out of nowhere-x-

  2. Sorry you've had a blah day. Hope you get rid of the itches soon!

    I learned to spell Mississippi in school (not really sure why as not much need for it in Ipswich!) We did it by saying M-I double S, I, double S, I, double P I. I'm glad I remembered it since having to spell it regarding daughter's new move!

    Hope tomorrow is better!

    1. My mum taught me to sing "Mrs M, Mrs I, Mrs SSI, Mrs SSI, Mrs PPI". It looks weird written down, but it's very rythmic and has served me well, lol!

  3. I love Sporcle - I find their Geography and history games really useful learning

  4. Syb, if you like Sporcle, take a look at this one http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Europe/Eur_G0_1024_768.html
    It's an american site, but it has fab games to help you learn Geography of Europe, US, Africa, SOuth America - all over the place. The games go up in levels too, startig from you just having to click on the country name it asks for, right up to you only seeing the capital city as a dot on a blank map, and having to name the state/country. They also have a Learning level. The link I've sent is level 1 for coutries of Europe.