Sunday, 15 January 2017

Clean up Continues

Today I cleared the last of the debris from the lads and poured cleaning fluid down the steps into the kitchen.  They don't get sunlight at this time of year so algae grows and they can get very slippery.  I gave it a limp scrub with a plastic brush but I'll have another go when rain is forecast.  I usually pour the cleaner or bleach over the steps, leave it to work and let rain wash it off.  Fortunately I live in the UK so I can rely on regular rain.

I'm trying to catch up with cleaning and sorting in general.  Today I got bear to empty out his school book bag.  This is what should be in the bag...

 The envelope in the top left is his lunch money that should have been handed in last week.  He also had this little lot

 Which included a selection of scraps of paper, Christmas cards, notices of events and a letter from school.  What can I say?  My handbag is far worse.

Tomorrow I am planning to catch up with the laundry because if the ironing pile gets any bigger you will be able to see it from space.

Sarah - I have no idea why you aren't in my blog roll as I always enjoy reading your posts.  I hope you're okay.

JustJill - I have been drooling over your awesome pictures, they are amazing!

If anyone else reads this and has a blog that isn't on my blog roll, please can you let me know.  I also want to say, thank you so much for dropping in, it's great to see you and I hope you are comfy here.


  1. So glad that I don't have to deal with school bags any more-x-

  2. You've been far more productive than I have! I feel quite lazy apart from our walk. Glad the days of school bags are over - they used to be terrible and, more often than not, an important note or homework used to weasel its way to the very bottom of the bag!

  3. I do have a blog but haven't posted anything for ages. Must get in gear and try harder to post more often. NannyAnny in Canads.

  4. My purse is probably worse than Bear's book bag! :D