Monday, 16 January 2017

Writing About Writing

Please, please, please - Sue and whoever the lovely Anonymous person is - please nitpick!  As you no doubt know, these are written and posted almost straight away.  I am annoyed with myself for missing stuff, but very happy that mistakes are pointed out.  I am grateful for any feedback and I've corrected the points.  Thank you both!

I'm doing an online writing course and failing on an epic scale and it's only week two.  I'm not getting too stressed.  Uncle has been in hospital and been discharged.  I think he is failing.  I want him to get better, but I know he won't as he has vascular dementia.  Sometimes I don't think he recognises me but is too innately polite to say so.  Bear has been up all night with a poorly tummy.  This poorly tummy has been going on since before Christmas.  Sometimes it's worse, sometimes it gets better, but it never seems to go away.  The GP suggests that we wait and see.  Bear and uncle are reasons to get stressed.

I think I'll take a break and go do some knitting.  That's bound to distract me.


  1. Good luck with the online writing course. Don't give up but don't stress about it. I love to write always have, but I only like to do it at certain times.

    Sorry to hear about Uncle and Bear - definitely a worry. I hope Bear feels better soon. Stomach troubles are no fun.

  2. I'm generally at work on my lunch when I comment - a new chapter is always a lovely treat - which is why I tend to be Anonymous. I am also a knitter and it does wonders for my stress levels too. More White Hart soon, please.

  3. Sorry to hear about Bear's tummy troubles and your Uncle's failing health. Hope they both feel better soon.