Wednesday, 11 January 2017

More than Breezy

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but I took this photo as I saw the bins being blown down the street and I was almost literally blown back inside the house.  I decided not to take any more.

DH had issues getting to work as a tree had blown down across the road he normally takes so he had to take a detour.  I was very glad when he got home safely - and we are not the worst hit!

If you are on facebook, here is a picture that sums up the weather here...

It's not supposed to be much better tomorrow and they are muttering about snow.  Darn.


  1. I'm on the other side of the pond and it was really windy here last night! I could hear the house creaking and was afraid something was actually going to fall off! Poor house. Luckily everything survived and I was surprised not to see any tree limbs down outside.

    I hope you don't get any of the white stuff. Talked to Mum today and she said she had everything she needed and didn't want to go out if it was that cold and it snowed!

  2. Wow, looks like you had some gale force winds out there!